Kiymali Patatesli Borek – Potato Ground Beef Burek

Potato Ground Beef Burek

This is another favourite burek recipe that I am sharing with you today, it’s been one of my favourites since I was kid!  Continue reading “Kiymali Patatesli Borek – Potato Ground Beef Burek” »

Greek Fries – Baked Fries

Greek Fries

I love fries, but I cannot eat fried food as much anymore, in fact I haven’t anything fried since January! That doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy my fries, baked fries can be just as good! If you choose to fry that is perfectly fine and will be totally amazing, but if you are like me and have to avoid fried foods for health reasons, then these baked fries are the ones for you. Continue reading “Greek Fries – Baked Fries” »

Patates Oturtma – Potato Stove Top Casserole

Patates Oturtma

This dish is one of my sons favourites, since he was a little boy! It’s an easy dish to make using one pot, served with plain rice it makes a delicious meal. I usually make dishes like this in the late fall and winter, it just a comforting food that warms you right up!  Continue reading “Patates Oturtma – Potato Stove Top Casserole” »

Turkish Delight -Lokum

Lokum-Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight or Lokum in Turkish and Albanian are sweet, soft and chewy treats. They come in a variety of flavours and colours, but are most commonly made with rose water and are pink. Many of you may have learned about them from reading or watching the Chronicles of Narnia (Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe), and some from growing up eating them or from traveling to Turkey, for me I grew up with them. Continue reading “Turkish Delight -Lokum” »

Carrot Tarator

Carrot Tarator

Carrot tarator is delicious and healthy, it’s a carrot version of the cucumber tarator commonly known as tzatziki. I love this stuff! You can eat it alone with bread, or as a side with a barbecue dinner or anything you may think it goes well with.  Continue reading “Carrot Tarator” »



Şekerpare is an Albanian and Turkish cookie with syrup.  I had a really good recipe for it that my friend Candan and I came up with years ago until I lost it! I tried so many recipes since then and it never turns out good, the dough would turn out crumbly, or they just wouldn’t bake nicely. I find that the recipes that ask for irmik/semolina were too dry. Continue reading “Sekerpare” »

Apple Swirls

Apple Swirls

Fall has arrived and that means its time for baking with apples! My favourite part! I absolutely love apple pie filling, my mom always made it as a topping for pancakes mmmm so good, I can eat it straight from the pot! I would make these swirls for my kids when they were younger, and they still love it!

Continue reading “Apple Swirls” »

Veggie Chow Mein and Chicken Balls

Chicken Balls with Sauce

This is the first time in a couple weeks that I cooked this much! It’s been two weeks since my gallbladder surgery and I am introducing regular foods into my diet, still very low fat and no meat yet, I didn’t get to enjoy my favourite chicken balls, but the rice and noodles were good enough to keep me satisfied!  Continue reading “Veggie Chow Mein and Chicken Balls” »

Bulgur and Parsley Salad

Bulgur and Parsley Salad

This is my sons favourite non lettuce type of salad, it’s nutritious and delicious! I make it every week, and it lasts a few days, great snack or lunch food! Continue reading “Bulgur and Parsley Salad” »

Coconut Milk Fudge

Coconut Milk Fudge with Walnuts

I was invited to a vegan potluck this weekend and wanted to make a dessert along with a salad. I wanted to make some of my no bake brownies, but then found out there was a recall on the almond butter.

I had to come up with something quick and easy. I found a recipe from my friend Lauren for her raw-coconut-chocolate-fudge but didn’t have the ingredients, so I came up with my own fudge recipe. Continue reading “Coconut Milk Fudge” »