Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake

A few weeks ago I made this cake, on a night when I was to bring dessert to a friends house, of all things to happen I forgot to add sugar! I was thinking why isn’t this cake rising, and then it hit me! After it cooled, I tasted it and thought now what? I did manage to save it, I had some icing and I broke the cake up and made them into cake balls! They turned out fantastic, I would have much rather it turned out right the first time, but it was a good save! Continue reading “Lemon Cake” »

Broccoli and Spinach Pizza

Broccoli and Spinach Pizza

This a delicious, different kind of pizza filled with veggies and cheese. They have something similar to this at the middle eastern bakery in town, they are called spinach pies or hand pies in some bakeries they make them with broccoli. I have a recipe for that as well on the blog. I like to make it like this, reminds me of lakror Albanian style pizza.

My daughter Dina loves this as do I, hope you try it and like as much as we do!  Continue reading “Broccoli and Spinach Pizza” »

Apple Crumb Coffee Cake

Apple Crumb Coffee Cake

One of my favourite cakes to make when guests come over is coffee cake, it fills the house with a lovely scent of cinnamon. Every time someone visits they tell me how cozy my house is, I wonder if it’s the house or the aroma coming from the kitchen.  Continue reading “Apple Crumb Coffee Cake” »

Gingerbread Men Cookies and a Winter Wonderland Party

Gingerbread Men

It’s a winter wonderland! My girls are December babies and just love winter! We had a winter wonderland/Frozen themed party this past weekend and the girls had a blast! My youngest daughter was in on the surprise and helped make the cookies, it was the first time making royal icing, decorating cookies and making gingerbread men, I also made homemade marshmallows this week! It’s been a week full of new adventures and I am really happy with the new recipes I have learned, and will continue to make.  Continue reading “Gingerbread Men Cookies and a Winter Wonderland Party” »

Coconut Revani – Coconut Cake


This is the forth recipe for revani that I am sharing with you, what can I say I love my revani! This coconut version is absolutely delicious, you can really taste the coconut after a few hours and especially the next day.  Continue reading “Coconut Revani – Coconut Cake” »

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

If you a regular reader of my blog you will know that I had gallbladder/stones issues this year, update I did end up having it removed in September. During the time before surgery (5 months) I had to change my diet, and that meant no or little fat, no red meat, no eggs, butter or sugar! Since then I am still on a red meat free diet, I have been trying to reintroduce it to my diet this past two weeks (in very small amounts) but it doesn’t agree with me. Not sure if it’s permanent or temporary.  Continue reading “Lentil Soup” »

Homemade Instant Hot Cocoa

Instant Hot Cocoa Mix

My daughter Sara loves hot cocoa since she was a little girl, this year I started to make instant hot cocoa it’s quick and easy to make, and tastes so much better than store bought (with less ingredients), quicker to make then heating milk in a pot too!  Continue reading “Homemade Instant Hot Cocoa” »

Kiymali Patatesli Borek – Potato Ground Beef Burek

Potato Ground Beef Burek

This is another favourite burek recipe that I am sharing with you today, it’s been one of my favourites since I was kid!  Continue reading “Kiymali Patatesli Borek – Potato Ground Beef Burek” »

Greek Fries – Baked Fries

Greek Fries

I love fries, but I cannot eat fried food as much anymore, in fact I haven’t anything fried since January! That doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy my fries, baked fries can be just as good! If you choose to fry that is perfectly fine and will be totally amazing, but if you are like me and have to avoid fried foods for health reasons, then these baked fries are the ones for you. Continue reading “Greek Fries – Baked Fries” »

Patates Oturtma – Potato Stove Top Casserole

Patates Oturtma

This dish is one of my sons favourites, since he was a little boy! It’s an easy dish to make using one pot, served with plain rice it makes a delicious meal. I usually make dishes like this in the late fall and winter, it just a comforting food that warms you right up!  Continue reading “Patates Oturtma – Potato Stove Top Casserole” »