Jam Filled Cookies

Turkish Coffee Affogato

After 10 days of gloomy weather, the sun finally appeared today. I opened the blinds and curtains to let the sun shine down on me as I sit at the dining room table with my mom; we always did at grandfather’s house. We were thinking of him, and remembering how he loved his Turkish coffee. It would have been his 104th birthday today.  Continue reading “Turkish Coffee Affogato” »

Oscar the Grouch Ice Cream

You may find me strange, but as a kid I actually liked Oscar the Grouch! I found him hilarious! I did like Cookie Monster as well, but since he is getting all the attention lately, I thought I would give Oscar some well deserved love! So here it is, Oscar the Grouch Ice Cream!  Continue reading “Oscar the Grouch Ice Cream” »

Strawberry Falooda

My kids love falooda! This was my first time making it, and it turned out great! I made mine more like a pudding rather than a drink, next time I will try making it as a drink and see how it turns out, but I really enjoyed it like a pudding.
Continue reading “Strawberry Falooda” »

Triple-Layer Smoothie

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good smoothie! I am all about being simple so I never really attempted a layered smoothie before, but since I have three smoothie cups that came with my mixer, I figured I could handle at least three layers with ease, and I did!  Continue reading “Triple-Layer Smoothie” »

Weeknight Lahmacun

I didn’t know what to call this, I was leaning towards lazy lahmacun, but then my cousin came up with weeknight lahmacun and I liked it much better! It’s something I like to make on weekdays, it’s simple, easy to make, a quick weeknight dinner on those busy days. Serve with fresh cut up veggies and sides such as fries or salad and you got a whole meal!  Continue reading “Weeknight Lahmacun” »

Cherry Cheesecake Bites

These cherry cheesecake bites are the perfect dessert for parties or any get together with family and friends. Instead of making one cheesecake and having to slice it into pieces, everyone gets their own individual cheesecake!  Continue reading “Cherry Cheesecake Bites” »

Blueberry Streusel Muffins

I first came across this recipe in the winter of ’91, I believe; though it may have been ’92 or even ’93. I can’t really remember now, but it has been in my binder since the early 1990’s. If anyone saved this recipe from the Milk calendar then maybe you can tell me the exact year!  Continue reading “Blueberry Streusel Muffins” »

Qofte me Patate – Meatballs with Potatoes

Qofte me patate in Albanian translates to meatballs with potatoes. It is one of our family favourite dishes, I like to serve it with rice and salad. A simple and easy dinner.  Continue reading “Qofte me Patate – Meatballs with Potatoes” »

Halva Ice Cream – Tahini Ice Cream

If you are like me and grew up eating halva out of the container then you will love this ice cream! This ice cream for me is nostalgic, it transports me back to my grandparents house sitting around the dining room table with my cousins fork in hand, digging into the container of halva with our grandfather, he loved halva both the traditional Albanian kind and this one.   Continue reading “Halva Ice Cream – Tahini Ice Cream” »