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Hi my name is Donika! It is an Albanian name…as a kid I wasn’t too fond of it, as it was so different from everyone else at school, but now I love it…especially cause its so different from everyone else;)

I’ll tell you a little about myself.

I’m Canadian…born and raised, with a mixed heritage that has influenced my cooking and baking! My mom says I get my love for baking from my Scottish side, and the food from my Albanian side of the family. The Turkish inspiration comes from my husband who’s family originally comes from Turkey, and my love for Italian food from my Aunt Angela, so my food and baking is basically a mixture of all five cultures!

I love  to bake, sew, garden and volunteer!

I am a mom whose kids love to eat!  So I am always busy in the kitchen whipping up something yummy!

Mom! Whats for dinner? That is the exact question I get everyday from my kids!

My recipes are Mediterranean inspired dishes that I grew up with, some I’ve learned over the years from my friends and family and new ones I come up with, as well as common dishes we’re all familiar with.

I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, I do like trying foods from different cultures, (I will be sharing those experiences as well.)

I have a major sweet tooth as does my whole family!   You will notice many dessert recipes some Mediterranean, and some North American desserts. I usually make Mediterranean desserts for special occasions as they are rich and  a lot of work, take baklava for an example.

I also share recipes for desserts that I grew up making with my mom and aunt, those are my favourite desserts! I actually was planning on having my blog be just about baking, but I love food too so I share both equally! I should have came up with a different  name for my blog…too late for that now!

I am also a baker on the side, I share photos of my cakes and cupcakes, with tutorials and directions for designing and decorating. I do not however, post recipes for my cakes they are for inspirational purposes only.

Coming up with new ideas and recipes is a great way to get the family excited about dinner! My site I hope will inspire you to make something wonderful!

I am not a chef! I am a mom who loves to cook and bake for my family and friends! I write out my recipes here as I would in my own recipe book, only difference is you get to see it and it comes with pictures:)

I give credit to those whose recipes I feature on my blog, I would appreciate the same from others, if there is a recipe of mine that you would like to feature please be gracious and leave a link that directs to my blog, thank you.

Also, I love when you pin or share my posts! Please copy and paste the link on the photo when pinning or sharing on Facebook,  I ask for you NOT to post the recipe, thank you!

My photograph’s and blog are Copyrighted, duplication’s are prohibited without permission.

I  love to hear from you! Please leave your comments and questions, so that I know you’re here:)  Thank you kindly for visiting my blog.

I hope you enjoy this site,  from my kitchen to yours, Happy Cooking and Bon Appetit!


Donika MWFD


  1. hello new to your site and your pictures are beautiful, Dor sent me and told me to introduce myself. Well done for a lovely site

  2. Just found your Blog and I'm really enjoying it as you seem to have a lot of Turkish recipes….especially for boreks. My husband is a Turk and I make boreks for him all the time….and pides.
    Thank you for sharing your recipes and photos…….

    • Oh that's great, glad you found me Erica! My husband is Turkish as well :) I am of Albanian heritage, my Albanian food is Turkish inspired so sometimes its a mix of both ;) Hope to see you often, I see that your a blogger as well, will come by to see it! Thanks for coming by!

  3. I am Greek and Italian! Keep the recipes coming! Beautiful stuff!

  4. Hi Donica, just wondering why you don't right a cooking book, i am sure there would be lot of publishing company's who would jump at the chance publishing your recipe of dishes

  5. Hi Donika! I am very lad to have found your blog! I come from the same region as you and now living abroad I love to cook the dishes I grew up with! I came across your blog looking for a spinach cake (something I was not sure exists) in my attempt to use natural dyes for food! Sweet tooth is common for the Balkans isn't it?!
    Best regards and keep up the great work!

    • Hi Snejana! Oh and I am glad you found me! Mmmm spinach cake one of our favs, hope you enjoy!
      Thank you, and yes we Balkans do love our sweets! Do come by and visit me again!

  6. Mashallah donika.. Love your site! First time on it. Pics look so professional can’t wait to try ur recipes.

  7. Hi Donika,

    Love your site and love its name. My kids do the same. It put a smile on my face. Anyway, I wanted to complement you on your site and I will spend some more time on it and seems you have done a great job with it. I also just shared one of your recipes on my facebook page and I hope you do not mind. I am working on an Albanian Cookbook (the English Version) that is why I googled the Albanian Rice Pudding and your page came up. Thank you again. Have a great weekend.

    Besa Kosova
    Albanian Recipes

    • Very nice to meet you Besa! Thank you, I try…working on a blog is a lot of work, I thank you again for your compliment! Thank you for sharing my rice pudding, I love when others share my post so long its with a link back to my blog, and not the recipe itself. Will go and check out your page! :)
      ~Donika xo
      momwhats4dinner recently posted…Sweet Potato PieMy Profile

  8. Shumë faleminderit for your site! My husband is from Kosovo and I am a MidWestern American. Learning to cook the foods he loves has been quite an adventure! Most of my success has been because of your website. He has explained a dish to me (such as Lakror) and I was able to recognize the recipe on your site. He was amazed that I have been able to cook his favorite foods! He has no family here in America so I have no mother/sister-in-laws here to teach me. Alhamdullilah for you and your wonderful site. Inshallah you will keep publishing these wonderful Albanian recipes for a long time.

  9. Great site and recipes. Lira

  10. Hey Sweetie, looking good.

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