Ditalini Pasta and Meatballs

Ditalini Pasta and Meatballs

Ditalini pasta and meatballs is such a tasty and easy meal to make, using one pot! I used to make this for my kids when they were younger, I didn’t always make meatballs, I would just crumble the ground beef up…either way it’s really delicious! I don’t really measure when I made dishes like this, I just eye it, in the recipe below I basically write up how to make it and what is needed, you may need more of the ingredients if you are making a lot.  Continue reading “Ditalini Pasta and Meatballs” »


Turlu -Vegetarian Stew

My first post of the new year! Turlu, basically it is the Balkan version of Ratatouille! I have other versions of turlu posted on the blog, they are all different recipes, this one is vegetarian and is such a delicious and comforting dish…especially in this cold  frigid weather!   Continue reading “Turlu” »

Orzo with Veggies served with Chicken and Broccoli

Orzo with Veggies

This is just one of those dishes that is easy to make and tastes great! I use frozen organic broccoli for this as the fresh broccoli is too expensive, $5 for one bunch!  Sometimes its $3.99 but even that costs too much for one small bunch of broccoli, the frozen is convenient as well, I can use how much I want and when ever I need it. You can use fresh if you have it. Another good thing about using frozen broccoli is you can grate it, and it will be hidden, the kids will never know! Continue reading “Orzo with Veggies served with Chicken and Broccoli” »

Salisbury Steak

Salisbury Steak

I posted the picture for this a few weeks ago on my Facebook fan page, I asked if you would like the recipe and many of you said yes, so here it is! This is my mama’s recipe, its funny cause in Albanian this is called Qofte me tiganisur meat with gravy, either way you call it, it is a family favourite! Enjoy!

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Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie

You asked for it, so I am posting my recipe for Shepherds Pie!:) Shepherds pie is the first dish I made for my family, I remember my grandpa saying how good it was, its funny cause in Albanian shepherd is cobani pronounced chobani, so I would call it choban food haha…we always have a good laugh with that!

My husband, son and I are the only ones that like shepherds pie, so I make it in a 8×8 inch pan, if you are making it in a 13×9 inch pan you will need to use more ingredients.  If you want you can make a gravy that goes well over the mash when serving, or you can serve as is, we love gravy so I make a small amount on the side.  Continue reading “Shepherds Pie” »

Meat Pies – Lahmacun

Meat Pies- Lahmacun

Meat pies or lahmacun as they are called in Turkish are my absolutely my favourite kind of pie! There are two versions you can bake them in the oven or cook top with a frying pan and lid, both ways are delicious, the one on the stove top uses a flat bread recipe, this one that I am sharing is with dough that is baked in the oven.

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Cheesy Shells and Beef

Cheesy Shells and Beef

After being sick and not able to eat real food, along with this cold weather…put me in the mood for some comfort food! I found that if I just made mac ‘n’ cheese it would not be satisfying as a meal, needed something more! I thought some ground beef would go great with it! I can’t believe I am admitting this, but once upon a time I loved Hamburger Helper! Yes me!

Growing up with a working mom, you learn how to cook at a young age, but you need some help….that is when that came in handy among other convenient food items! Beefy Noodles was my favourite! Truth is, if someone offered me a bowl right now, I probably wouldn’t say no to the offer, I mean its not a bad thing! Just wish the ingredient list wasn’t all so bad.  Continue reading “Cheesy Shells and Beef” »

Spinach and Orzo

Spinach and Orzo

Gjellë pronounced gel, means dish or food and then you list whats in it, so this would be gjellë me spinaq dhe klitharaq literally translates into dish with spinach and orzo . In Albanian cuisine we make a variety of different pot foods, everyone makes their own kind of food using a variety of ingredients.

You may have seen my spinach-and-rice  post, this is similar but this is with orzo. My mom and grandma always make spinach and rice with veal or beef, I am not a big fan of that, I prefer it without meat or with a little ground beef for lezet, which means flavour, or taste…it can have a variety of meanings depending on how you use it. Continue reading “Spinach and Orzo” »

Turlu – Mixed Vegetable Stew

Turlu- Mixed Vegetable Stew

Turlu is a mixed vegetable stew in Albanian and Turkish Cuisine. Meat is added as well, either stew or ground meat and its optional you may make it vegetarian if you like.

Rice is served on the side along with yogurt for those who like it, my children do! Its a healthy stew filled with a variety of veggies, tasty too!

There is no real measurements for this recipe, when I go to the grocery store I just grab the fresh green beans and okra, so I checked my receipt to give you an idea of how much you need, and the green beans came to 0.365 kg and the okra came to 0.425 kg so both don’t even come to a full lb!

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Turkey Pot Pie

turkey pot pie

Tis the season of turkey dinners…with that comes left over turkey! We had a lovely dinner, 8 dinner guests including our family of 5, and even with second servings we still ended up with leftovers! One whole side of the turkey breast untouched and a bit of dark meat mixed in with some gravy….yum:) Continue reading “Turkey Pot Pie” »