Watercolour Wedding Cake

Watercolour Wedding Cake

I just love summer weddings, especially outdoor ones! I was married in the summer, but didn’t get an outdoor wedding so I thought for our anniversary which happened to be yesterday we would re-create our wedding day! It was so much fun! The kids got involved with the decorating, mom got busy with her flowers…it was a fun day!  Continue reading “Watercolour Wedding Cake” »

Strawberry Topped Cakes

Strawberry Pistachio Garnish Chocolate Cake

Sharing some recent cakes that I made, of course just for inspiration! Two of them were chocolate cakes with chocolate buttercream and one was vanilla with whipped cream combined with a little buttercream just for some texture.  Continue reading “Strawberry Topped Cakes” »

Snow Flake and S’mores Cupcakes

Found them a bit plain, so I sprinkled some blue crystal sugar over them, for a nice winter-y touch!

My daughter is having a Heritage day Party in class today, and she volunteered cupcakes! I was happy to hear that, I wasn’t really in the mood to make baklava or anything that took a lot of time or effort. I was happy about the cupcakes, because unlike making traditional foods or treats, you can be creative and design it in any way you want!  Continue reading “Snow Flake and S’mores Cupcakes” »

Wedding Cake with Fresh Fruits

berry cake

I made this cake for a small wedding yesterday! My inspiration was the berries! Instead of making the same old flowers and roses, I decided on fresh summer berries….after all it is summer time! I only wish I had my hands on some red currants… unfortunately they don’t come in Ontario till mid July! That is where the cherries came in to play!  Continue reading “Wedding Cake with Fresh Fruits” »

Math Cupcakes

e +mc2

A friend of mine asked me to make some ‘math’ cupcakes for a surprise party she was having for her math loving friend! She requested what she wanted on them, good thing too cause I wouldn’t know where to start!

In High School I had a math teacher who made me understand and look at numbers in a different way, I was no longer scared of them…..I actually began to love math!

I now know why that is, its because he loved math! He understood it and wanted everyone to understand, he had a passion and you can tell by the way he taught!

I may have made these cupcakes for her, but I dedicate these cupcakes to all the math teachers out there! The ones that encourage their students, and help them understand and fall in love with math!

Continue reading “Math Cupcakes” »

Navy Blue and White Wedding Cake

Navy Blue and White Wedding Cake


I made this engagement cake Friday, it took me 2 days to make! The bride asked for Navy blue and white, so I cannot take credit for the colour choice! I have to admit she sure has good taste!

The bottom layer is a 12 inch chocolate cake with custard filling, and the top is 8 inch vanilla cake with custard.

I really appreciate bakers hard work on chocolate cakes, they’re not the easiest cakes to work with! The crumb coating itself takes time and patience! I think I did a good job covering it up. If I had the talent working with fondant I would have covered it, but I dont! I love the look of fondant cakes, but not the ones with bubbles, and that’s exactly what would happen if I tried…so there was no going there! Continue reading “Navy Blue and White Wedding Cake” »

Double Chocolate Cake

Double chocolate cake


I made this cake for a friend of mine, its a chocolate cake with  chocolate buttercream, custard filling. I just decorated it freestyle. I really don’t like my writing with icing….especially on a small cake like this, I think I need to get a stencil for cursive writing if there is such a thing! Continue reading “Double Chocolate Cake” »

Tea Time with My Girls

Pink tea party with my girls

Its a beautiful day today, and I just felt like baking something…..the thought of strawberry and vanilla just made me happy! My girls and I made these treats and set up our backyard for tea time! Continue reading “Tea Time with My Girls” »

Mini Cupcakes Made By My Kids:)

my girls made these cupcakes:)

My kids wanted cupcakes after seeing the ones I iced! I told them forget about it, as I was cupcaked out! Continue reading “Mini Cupcakes Made By My Kids:)” »

Mini Cupcakes

mini cupcakes upclose

A friend of mine, asked if I could decorate her cupcakes for her, they’re for her brothers engagement party….the colours were white and silver. Continue reading “Mini Cupcakes” »