Kol Burek me Presh- Swirled Burek with Leek

Leek Burek

Kol Burek me Presh or Swirled Burek with Leek is one of my favourite bureks! Well, I actually grew up with it as Lakror which is a traditional Albanian type pizza, I actually wrote a post on it when I first started my blog, I have to update it…which I will do soon, as I have plenty of leeks in the garden! Using filo dough just makes it easier and lighter.  Continue reading “Kol Burek me Presh- Swirled Burek with Leek” »

Meat Pies – Lahmacun

Meat Pies- Lahmacun

Meat pies or lahmacun as they are called in Turkish are my absolutely my favourite kind of pie! There are two versions you can bake them in the oven or cook top with a frying pan and lid, both ways are delicious, the one on the stove top uses a flat bread recipe, this one that I am sharing is with dough that is baked in the oven.

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Acma- Turkish Bread

Acma-Turkish Bread

Acma- Turkish style bagel or soft rolled bread can be made savoury or sweet. Its a soft dough that is in a twist and rolled up in the shape of a bagel and baked. Its so good when freshly made and served at breakfast. You can add filling like olive paste or leave it plain or add other pastes if desired. I made mine mini, you can make them bigger and shape them like a bagel, mine closed up as I might them tighter, although some did turn out looking like a bagel. Continue reading “Acma- Turkish Bread” »

Pizza Pockets

This one was filled with mushrooms, my daughter Dina and I love mushroom pizza:)

This is a great way for the kids to enjoy pizza at school! My kids don’t like when I send them pizza as the cheese gets stuck to the foil and the toppings fall off….this is the perfect solution for that problem! Sorry I don’t have better pictures to share, made these in the early morning, had to get lunch ready and off to school;) Continue reading “Pizza Pockets” »

Soguk and Cheese Buns

Cheese and Soguk Buns

Made these the other day with the same pogaca dough recipe, I made some with feta and parsley, and the rest I stuffed with soguk and Spanish cheese you can use mozzarella if that is what you have. I also made a dipping sauce for the kids with some diced tomatoes that I had left in the fridge. It was so simple to make and tasted great!  Continue reading “Soguk and Cheese Buns” »

Swiss Chard Burek

swiss chard burek

This is my first time using swiss chard, I had planted it in my garden just because I liked the way it looked! I didn’t even know if I would like it! It is something that grows well and looks nice in your garden! I noticed that the leaves were huge and ready for picking so I got my garden crocks on and went in there and cut them! Brought them in and thought…now what? What to make with it was the question of the day!

I rinsed the dirt off and started to chop them up as I would with any other greens. Had some filo dough in the fridge and had all the other ingredients needed so I thought hey why not! Swiss chard burek! I took a bite of it first though to make sure it wasn’t bitter and it wasn’t at all! Its a ‘sweet’ green! In fact this burek had to be the best tasting burek I have ever tried! Next year I will be planting a whole lot more Swiss chard in my garden! Continue reading “Swiss Chard Burek” »



Pogača is popular all over the Balkans….its made in different shapes and sizes! The dough is soft and the filling simple! Great served as an appetizer or on your breakfast table!

It took me a few times to get the dough perfect….I like soft dough sometimes pogaca can be dry depending on who makes it, and I don’t like dry bread! Once I got the measurements correct I wrote it down right away! The problem is I am used to measuring with North American measurements when baking, where as in Turkey for example a cup is actually a Turkish glass teacup! I cannot tell you how many times I made something  and mixed up the measuring cups!  Continue reading “Pogaca” »


You can see the layers in the lakror, flaky and tender

Lakror is Albanian style burek, that is taught by generation to generation and is filled with a variety of fillings. Popular fillings are, spinach and cheese, leek and cheese, ground meat and onion mixture, onion, tomato and pepper like the one in this recipe and more!  The dough is a thicker filo closer to yufka  depending on how thin you roll it. This dough is thin and flaky as there is no yeast added to it.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, even if you don’t end up making it! It is  a labour of love, takes time and effort and a second hand is always helpful! This is a special dish to me,  I remember making it with my grandparents, and now my mom makes it with my girls and hopefully they will pass it on to their children <3

There are two methods of making lakror, one is to make little balls and roll them out individually buttering each layer and attaching them all and rolling into one big sheet, or the easy way… and that is the method I will be sharing with you.

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Cigar Burek

Cigar Burek

These are little bureks that are pan fried, made with ready made filo called yufka, they are shaped in triangles ready for rolling.  You can find them at your local Mediterranean or Middle Eastern store.

The perfect finger food and appetizer. Simple to make and yummy to eat! Best served hot as cheese is nice and warm:)

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Beef and Potato Burek

Kiymali patatesli burek in Turkish

The first time I tried this burek was when I got engaged, and went with my family to visit my husbands family. My mother in law made kiymali patatesli burek for us, and let me tell you it is my favourite burek of all time! She makes it the best! Mine comes in second place…but still very good :)

This is a yeast free dough, all you have to do is let it rest in a warm place. I like to add hot water in a large pot and put the bowl over and cover, the steam and heat helps it warm up fast.

If you want you can make this with ready dough like filo, or yufka that is a thicker filo dough. Continue reading “Beef and Potato Burek” »