Watercolour Wedding Cake

Watercolour Wedding Cake

I just love summer weddings, especially outdoor ones! I was married in the summer, but didn’t get an outdoor wedding so I thought for our anniversary which happened to be yesterday we would re-create our wedding day! It was so much fun! The kids got involved with the decorating, mom got busy with her flowers…it was a fun day!  Continue reading “Watercolour Wedding Cake” »

Ladybug Cake Pops

these are the gifts I made for the teachers


I made these for the teachers for the end of the year gifts. I love ladybugs, and wanted to make lady bug cake pops,  but found it a bit difficult to work with for the first time.

I have made cake bites and there a bit different as I dont make them with so much icing, and I dont use candy melts for them.

I think they look pretty good for the first time making cake pops. Continue reading “Ladybug Cake Pops” »

Orange Cake Bites

orange cake bites

I used a Duncan Hines orange flavoured cake mix, and vanilla frosting.  I baked the cake according to directions on box. I only used half of the cake, I’m saving the rest for another use. Continue reading “Orange Cake Bites” »

Chocolate Cake Bites

Chocolate Cake Bites

This is a great dessert to make for a dinner party or potluck! I enjoy making cake balls, because its less stressful! If the cake cracks or breaks, no problem…just make cake balls!
Continue reading “Chocolate Cake Bites” »

Cake Bites

cakes 003

What do you do with your cake that just broke or cracked? Or even scrape cake that you cut off your cake…cake bites thats what! Continue reading “Cake Bites” »