No Bake Brownies

No Bake Brownies

I was inspired to make these no bake brownies because I am in need of boosting up my iron levels, and needed a fun way to do it! I basically took the idea from my walnut-date-balls and turned them into brownies.

I wanted a frosting to go with it, and I have heard of banana frosting and avocado frosting, so I experimented with both and found that I like the avocado more than the banana. I found that I wasn’t able to mask or hide the banana flavour, whereas I was able to mask the avocado. You can try it out yourself and see which you like best.
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Down and Dirty Brownies

Down and Dirty Brownies

That is the name that won the game! Thank you Suzy from Slice of Sweet Art Bakery for coming up with it, and thanks to all that voted for the name of these yummilicious brownies! Honestly these were the best brownies I have every made, the kids loved them! Fun to make too, my daughter had fun separating the colours for the candy and sneaking some too.:) Continue reading “Down and Dirty Brownies” »

Happy 3rd Blogiversary! Lets Celebrate with Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever!

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Mom! What’s for dinner?  2 years on a group on Facebook and 3 years blogging, that is 5 years of sharing and creating!

I am so happy that you all have come along with me on this journey!  Thank you all for coming by my site, and for following me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Your support, likes, comments, shares, mean so much to me! Most of all your friendship! I have got to meet wonderful people along the way…and have learned so  much!

The blog has gone through some changes over the years, and it looks amazing now thanks to my friend Leila at, she is amazing and oh so patient…who knew designing a blog could be so much work!

Especially love the new logo, its my favourite part!:)
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Snow Flake and S’mores Cupcakes

Found them a bit plain, so I sprinkled some blue crystal sugar over them, for a nice winter-y touch!

My daughter is having a Heritage day Party in class today, and she volunteered cupcakes! I was happy to hear that, I wasn’t really in the mood to make baklava or anything that took a lot of time or effort. I was happy about the cupcakes, because unlike making traditional foods or treats, you can be creative and design it in any way you want!  Continue reading “Snow Flake and S’mores Cupcakes” »

Golden Graham S’mores Treats

Golden Graham S'mores Treats

If you follow me on Facebook you may recall a status a few weeks ago, I mentioned my son asking me to make Rice Krispie squares for his class project. One of the comments from Cyndi mentioned to make s’mores Krispies with Golden Grahams, thank you Cyndi! Thing is I haven’t seen that cereal in a long time! It was my hubby’s favourite childhood cereal, but for some reason I thought we didn’t have any in Canada!

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M&M Barrel of Fun Cake & Party

KitKat and M&Ms Cake 'Barrel of Fun Cake'

Every year my girls throw a party, and they pick a theme…each time its totally different. This year it was M&M’s and M&M colours, we picked orange as the main colour, its bright, fun and its one of my favourite colours;)  Continue reading “M&M Barrel of Fun Cake & Party” »

Mint Fudge

Mint Fudge

I was busy in the kitchen all day yesterday, roasting tomatoes, baked a sweet potato casserole, made beef and cabbage stew for dinner…with all this happening I decided to make mint fudge! I had some left over evaporated milk left from the casserole, and didn’t want it to go to waste!

How many times have I left the extra in the fridge just to forget about it, then it goes down the drain! Not this time…no no no…I used it up and made something delicious with it:) Continue reading “Mint Fudge” »

Banana Nut Muffins with Nutella

banana nut muffins with nutella

These muffins are moist and delicious! The added Nutella makes them extra special. I make them with olive oil, Omega-3 organic milk, Omega-3 organic eggs, & walnuts.  The potassium from the banana’s will give you energy, plus all that Omega will make you happy;) If you like you can add other nuts or flax seeds in the batter as well.  Continue reading “Banana Nut Muffins with Nutella” »

Mint Chocolate Meringue Kisses

mint chocolate meringue kisses

These are one of my favourite cookies! I love meringue kisses! I love mint chocolate chips, if you can’t find any use dark chocolate chips and use mint extract or essence.

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Walnut Date Balls

coconut date balls in icing sugar

We had guests over for dinner last night, and with all the preparations  the only thing I had left to do was dessert! I made some chocolate ice cream the night before, was planning on some cake or something….but no time! I decided to make macaroons but didn’t have any oatmeal, and no time to go out and get any either! Took a glance over to the table and noticed the bowl of dates sitting there, then I remembered these stuffed dates I love so much. Continue reading “Walnut Date Balls” »