Peach Cookies – Pjeshke

Peach Cookies

Peach or Pjeshke in Albanian these cookies are popular in Italy and other south European countries in the Mediterranean such as Albania, Macedonia, and Croatia, they are made on  religious holidays, weddings and special occasions.

They are a labour of love that’s for sure! If you plan to make them, prepare your day accordingly as they do take time to make! If you can get someone to assist you with making them that’s even better!:)

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Happy 3rd Blogiversary! Lets Celebrate with Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever!

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Mom! What’s for dinner?  2 years on a group on Facebook and 3 years blogging, that is 5 years of sharing and creating!

I am so happy that you all have come along with me on this journey!  Thank you all for coming by my site, and for following me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Your support, likes, comments, shares, mean so much to me! Most of all your friendship! I have got to meet wonderful people along the way…and have learned so  much!

The blog has gone through some changes over the years, and it looks amazing now thanks to my friend Leila at, she is amazing and oh so patient…who knew designing a blog could be so much work!

Especially love the new logo, its my favourite part!:)
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Lemon Crinkle Cookies

Lemon Crinkle Cookies

Ever since I seen these cookies on Pinterest, I have been wanting to try them out! It is quite a popular recipe! I noticed that others that tried this recipe, had different reviews and or experiences with it!

Some thought it wasn’t lemon-y enough, others that the cookies turned out fat and round not flat like the original, others said it wasn’t sweet enough that you need icing…so I took all this and more into consideration and decided to just try it out myself!

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White Chocolate Cranberry & Pistachio Cookies

cranberry pistachio white chocolate cookies

OK there is a new cookie in town and its yummilicious! First off the added pistachios just happened by chance, I had intended to add walnuts or pecans, I forgot that I finished all the walnuts when I made baklava last week, I couldn’t find the pecans….I keep all the nuts in the freezer…they were no where to find!

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Frosted Sugar Cookies

Frosted Sugar Cookies

Frosted Sugar Cookies aka Lofthouse cookies! My kids love them, they’ve tried them a couple times, and keep asking me to bake them. I just didn’t want to try and have them fail on me. Then I found a recipe from 365daysofbaking that had yogurt in it and I was sold! I finally baked ‘Lofthouse’ cookies!  Continue reading “Frosted Sugar Cookies” »

Mint Chocolate Meringue Kisses

mint chocolate meringue kisses

These are one of my favourite cookies! I love meringue kisses! I love mint chocolate chips, if you can’t find any use dark chocolate chips and use mint extract or essence.

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Walnut Date Balls

coconut date balls in icing sugar

We had guests over for dinner last night, and with all the preparations  the only thing I had left to do was dessert! I made some chocolate ice cream the night before, was planning on some cake or something….but no time! I decided to make macaroons but didn’t have any oatmeal, and no time to go out and get any either! Took a glance over to the table and noticed the bowl of dates sitting there, then I remembered these stuffed dates I love so much. Continue reading “Walnut Date Balls” »

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

This was the best shot I got, true to its texture and yumminess!
Turns out I am a better baker at night than in the day! I couldn’t sleep and I felt like baking…yes at 1:30 am! These are honestly the best tasting chocolate chippers I’ve tried! The pictures do not do them justice!
It was the best I can do in the middle of the night, with my kitchen lights being the only light available! Well I am not gonna bore you with any more details…lets go to the recipe! Continue reading “Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies” »

Chocolaty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Can't get better than a nice cold glass of milk with cookies!

Oh Pinterest how I love thee…but this has got to stop! All these pictures of yummy food and desserts, I can’t keep up with it! I found this cookie on Pinterest and just had to make it! I followed the link to this blog othersideoffifty the recipe was an adaptation from nytimes.

The original recipe calls for bread flour and cake flour, plus it needs to be refrigerated for 24 hours! I dont have the patience for that….I love cookie dough so there is no way that would stick around… I improvised! Continue reading “Chocolaty Chocolate Chip Cookies” »

Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut Butter Balls

My kids love when I make them these peanut butter balls! I love it too as it has way less ingredients than the store bought peanut butter candies! You can make them with milk or dark chocolate, if you have chocolate bark that is even better! It is easier to work with and gives a smoother texture! Continue reading “Peanut Butter Balls” »