Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon Meringue Pie is my husbands favourite pie, it was the first pie I ever made! Today was our anniversary and I wanted to surprise my hubby with this pie! I only made lemon pie filling from scratch a few times and many years ago….I always relied on Shirrif filling.

Its been a while now since I have made this pie, I have no idea why I was nervous about it, maybe because the filling at times gets runny and the meringue shrinks…not this time…this time it turned out perfect!  Continue reading “Lemon Meringue Pie” »

Speca Me Djath

Speca dhe djath

Piperka as I grew up calling it or speca means peppers in Albanian, djath means cheese in this case feta cheese! One of the first foods that I remember eating when I was a little girl was peppers and feta! My Grandfathers favourite! Especially when the peppers came from our garden. Today is April 12, 1912 my Grandfather Haxhi was born this day 100 years ago! He passed away 13 years ago this coming May and I miss him dearly!

I can’t keep the tears from falling as I write this out. Continue reading “Speca Me Djath” »

French Toast with Nutella

French Toast with Nutella


I love French toast, I mention in my other post that my mom would always make us the best French toast! She likes hers salty….I like mine sweet!

I grew up eating Nutella, and of course I would eat it with a spoon right out of the jar! I never thought of putting French toast and Nutella together before!

Spoke to my friend today and she told me she always spreads Nutella on her French toast! What a great idea why didn’t I think of this sooner!? I mean I always eat Nutella sandwiches, and Nutella in my palachinka (crepes)….adding it to French toast is genius!

I made the French toast in my Cast Iron pan, which made it even better! It was not soggy, it cooked evenly and quickly!

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Omelette anyone? Super easy and yummy! You add more to it than I did, my son likes it just like this! Garlic and parsley is great too! Continue reading “Omelette” »

Peppers and Egg on Bagel

peppers and feta


Albanians love their peppers and feta…oh and bread! I still remember every fall my grandparents stocking up on peppers and roasting them, and then freezing them for the winter. Continue reading “Peppers and Egg on Bagel” »

Red Pepper Omelette

Red pepper omelette with souguk

Red pepper and feta cheese omelettes are one of my favourite omelletes!  Continue reading “Red Pepper Omelette” »



Menemen is a popular egg and tomato dish in Turkish cuisine, traditionally it is made in a tomato sauce, you can make it with any veggie you like, or you can make it with fresh herbs and feta. If I have ajvar,  I add a few spoons of that to it as well for extra flavour. This one in the photograph is not with sauce, as I didn’t have any…but the eggs looked so good I had to take a pic! Continue reading “Menemen” »

Potatoes with Eggs (Patate me Vez)

Potatoes with Eggs

So this is a upgrade version of my moms potatoes with eggs, the only thing that differs between the two are  her eggs are plain, I added the parsley and peppers. Both ways are equally delicious.

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My hubby loves a good omelette! I like to make it with veggies, but when I don’t have all of them on hand…I make it with peppers and feta as I usually have that around!  Continue reading “Omelette” »

French Toast

french toast

When I was a kid, I would ask my mom to make French toast for dinner all the time! My mom worked so she had a busy schedule, and if French toast is what I wanted she made it for me. She makes the best French toast! Continue reading “French Toast” »