Fig Jam

Fig Jam

We love jam! Homemade jam is even better! I really would love to make the cooking jam sometime…the whole sterilization, proper canning techniques  kinda scare me…..would if I don’t do it right! I know a girl who canned and all her jars popped and squirted all over! I can imagine that happening to me as I probably would miss an important step. So to stay on the safe side I make freezer jam! I have a lot of freezer space so that works for me, as I don’t have much pantry space. Continue reading “Fig Jam” »

Fig tart with Puff Pastry

I am loving these Turkish figs!

I am in love with these Turkish figs! The inside are red and juicy, not too sweet . My father in law said that in Turkey the figs are sweet and the best in the world, growing in trees all over the island they come from. Hope to some day to go and try them out for myself….for now I will just dream about that, and get my figs from the store!

I had some puff pastry in the fridge was planning on making a pot pie with the left over turkey, but decided to make a fig tart instead.

I did not have ground or blanched almonds, I had the whole almonds which worked out fine, but next time I will prepare ahead and get some ground almonds. Continue reading “Fig tart with Puff Pastry” »

Stuffed Figs in Syrup

Stuffed figs in syrup

Stuffed figs in syrup!  Continue reading “Stuffed Figs in Syrup” »

Palachinka (Crepes)

Palachinka with Jam and Fruits

Palachinka as they are known in South Eastern Europe or Crepes in France are delicate thin like pancake and are delicious! I grew up eating them with Nutella, I still like it like that but now a day’s I like it with jam and fruit! Both ways are great! Continue reading “Palachinka (Crepes)” »