Quince Marmalade – Recel Ftoi

Quince Marmalade

Quince Marmalade or Jam, Recel Ftoi in Albanian is my moms favourite! Growing up I called them dunja pronounced dunya, as my mom grew up in Macedonia, so that is what she always calls them…just recently I found out in Albanian they are called ftoi, for the jam I grew up and still call it marmalat which is how it is said in Albanian as well as recel. Quince are delightful smelling fruit that are not edible raw, but they do make tasty jams and fillings for cookies or pies.  Continue reading “Quince Marmalade – Recel Ftoi” »

Orange Cranberry Loaf Cake

Orange Cranberry Cake

I wrote this post up a few weeks ago, I wasn’t happy with the photo’s that I took, made it a couple times since then but its been so gloomy out there, since it was a sunny day today and I had the ingredients I thought I should take advantage of the sun and try to get some good shots! The sun in my kitchen wasn’t so bright this afternoon, but I think they turned out okay, much better then the first time that is for sure!

I am so excited to finally share this with you, it is the best cake I have ever made, truly its just so good! Its moist and delicious! I hope you try it out for yourself and please let me know what you think!  Continue reading “Orange Cranberry Loaf Cake” »

Peach Trifle

Peach Trifle

Sweet summer Ontario peaches are in season and I am loving it! Made peach jam this week and this delicious trifle, it’s so easy to make and tastes great! The freshness of the jam makes it extra special! Continue reading “Peach Trifle” »

Watermelon Fruit Cake

Watermelon Cake

In need of a healthy and refreshing summer dessert? Look no further, here it is…watermelon cake! I have been seeing this watermelon cake being shared on Pinterest for a while now, and thought what a cool idea! My cake isn’t  as large as the ones I have seen, I actually didn’t have the intention to make it, it all came about as I am really bad at cutting watermelon in perfect triangles, even my squares never turn out good!  It wasn’t such a big watermelon so it was kinda easy to cut into.  Continue reading “Watermelon Fruit Cake” »

Berry Crepe Cake

Raspberry Crepe Cake

Berry Crepe Cake! Doesn’t that sound berrylicious? It sure is, ahh I haven’t had fresh berries in forever, well not since the summer.

Hubby went shopping in the States and saw these organic strawberries and raspberries, so he got me some…so sweet:)

I was so excited and couldn’t decide on how to enjoy them, I didn’t want to just eat them…I wanted to make something fabulous!  Continue reading “Berry Crepe Cake” »

Cranberry Orange Smoothie

cranberry smoothie

This turned out great! My son said…’better than I thought it would taste!’ Reason he said that is because after biting into a cranberry he found how tart they are…indeed they are, that is why you need to sweeten it, that is the reason I called it a smoothie and not juice.  Continue reading “Cranberry Orange Smoothie” »

Banana & Blueberry Pie

blueberry banana pie

I had a Fan Fav Party on my FB fan page, and this was the fan fav from jazzygourmetblog. As soon as my son saw this, he asked if I could make it, and so today I finally did it!

It turned out delicious, the whole family loved it! It is a dessert that takes time to make, so start off early so that it will be ready for dessert;)  Continue reading “Banana & Blueberry Pie” »

Peach Ice Cream

peach ice cream
I had about 8 peaches left in the fridge and they were too soft, I don’t mind soft peaches but my kids don’t! I didn’t have enough to bake with, so my mom told me why not make ice cream with it! Glad I did, it turned out great! So easy to make too! I pureed the peaches in my mini food processor, left it a little chunky not too much but I wanted some texture in my ice cream, you can puree it to any texture you like.  Continue reading “Peach Ice Cream” »

Rubik’s Cube Salad

rubiks cube

Playing with my food again….I have been wanting to try the Rubik’s cube salad for a while now but I was intimidated as I am not good with chopping and cutting! I tried my best to make the cubes the same size and put it all together, I think I did ok for the first time. It is no where close to the perfect ones I have seen on the net…but for me its good!  Continue reading “Rubik’s Cube Salad” »

Watermelon Fruit Punch

watermelon punch

Its summer time! So much fruit to choose from to enjoy and cool off with on a hot summers day! I love to make juice for my kids, and they sure love when I come up with new drinks! I was inspired with what I had in the kitchen, I had half a watermelon in the fridge, some left over cherries and my mom had got me some limes, I thought it would make for a good drink and I was right!

The other drink is made of oranges and strawberries, my strawberries weren’t as pretty as they were the day before so they were perfect for juice making! I had some oranges in the fridge that no one was touching so I decided to make 2 kinds of juices!

Continue reading “Watermelon Fruit Punch” »