Grilled Chicken Kabobs

Grilled Chicken Kabobs
These chicken kabobs are full of flavour! With all the veggies hidden inside makes even tastier and good for you! You can use anything you have on hand, if your out of an ingredient not to worry, I have made them with out some of the ingredients listed and they turn out fine!  Continue reading “Grilled Chicken Kabobs” »

Mini Kabobs

Mini Kabobs

Mini kabobs are perfect for wrapping up in pita for sandwiches or just enjoying them as is! I love making these when I am in a rush, and I need to make something fast for dinner! You can serve them with rice and salad, and tzatiki or as sandwiches with tzatiki…mmm yummy!   Continue reading “Mini Kabobs” »

Iskender Kabob

I had some fresh tomato sauce that I added to the melted butter, it turned out so yummy:)


The first time I had this dish was at my Turkish friend Candan’s house, I loved it so much and asked for the recipe! Its a very popular Turkish dish, and its so delicious:) Continue reading “Iskender Kabob” »

Shish Kabob

beef shish kabob
Shish kabobs marks the start of BBQ season in our house! My favourite part is the meat next the onion, it gives so much flavour to the meat and the onion gets a nice crunch! You can use any vegetable you want or have for shish kabobs! Eggplant, zucchini, variety of peppers, onions, mushrooms just to give you some ideas. You can also make chicken kabobs using boneless skinless chicken breast.  Continue reading “Shish Kabob” »

Bbq Chicken Kabobs, Garlic & Yogurt Sauce and Salad

chicken kabob

This is what was for dinner tonight!  Continue reading “Bbq Chicken Kabobs, Garlic & Yogurt Sauce and Salad” »

Beef Kabob

beef kabob

Another tasty kabob recipe to share with you! Continue reading “Beef Kabob” »

Chicken Kabobs

chicken kabobs
Chicken kabobs are great as is or for sandwiches Continue reading “Chicken Kabobs” »