Mango Frozen Yogurt

Mango frozen yogurt


Nothing tastes better than homemade….that includes homemade ice cream! Making homemade ice cream takes time and preparation! Note to self: Plan ahead! :)

One of the issues I am having is the ingredient that I am trying to avoid….. its in all the creams! Carrageenan, is found in creams, ice creams, frozen yogurt and well you get the point.

I had to come up with a recipe that would work….texture wise, as I was becoming discouraged  after a couple failed attempts! Finally it struck me, gelatin!  The gelatin will help form the ice cream and thicken it!  I was so incredibly happy that my experiment worked out and tasted great too! Continue reading “Mango Frozen Yogurt” »

Mango Cheesecake

side view of cheesecake

I was inspired to make this mango cheesecake as I had some amazingly sweet mango’s, and my son wanted cheesecake….so I thought why not combine them together! Well my experiment turned out delicious! Continue reading “Mango Cheesecake” »

Mango Layered Parfaits

mango layered parfaits

These mango parfaits are a nice refreshing dessert on a hot summers day!  Continue reading “Mango Layered Parfaits” »

Mango Jelly Trifle

mango jelly trifle

Made this mango trifle to take along with me to a dinner party, its so easy to make and yummy to eat:) Continue reading “Mango Jelly Trifle” »

Mango Fruit Jelly Dessert

mango jello dessert
I have been going mango crazy all summer long! Anything and everything mango! I found this mango gelatin at the Middle Eastern store and had to get it, actually there were 2 brands….one was better than the other! One had more colour which I wasn’t crazy about, now if only I can remember which was which!  Continue reading “Mango Fruit Jelly Dessert” »

Mango Ice Cream

mango ice cream

This is a great easy version of mango ice cream! You don’t need a ice cream machine to make this! I love adding fruit cocktail over the ice cream its so refreshing a hot summers day! Continue reading “Mango Ice Cream” »