Chicken Drumsticks and Noodles

Chicken drumsticks with noodles, easy to make and tasty!

This is a simple and fast meal, perfect for a dinner for two! My kids wanted tacos for dinner, my mom was over and she is not a big fan of tacos so we made something that was just enough for her and who ever wanted to try some. The seasoning in this is simple and the flavours I grew up with, you can add any spice or seasoning you like. Continue reading “Chicken Drumsticks and Noodles” »

Homemade Mac and Cheese

Mmmm homemade macaroni and cheese

I remember walking home for lunch and preparing my lunch everyday from grade 6 till grade 8  and most times it was that same old blue box of mac’ n’ cheese….I honestly couldn’t get enough of it! 2 teaspoons of butter and a bit of milk stirring in that powder cheese, oh ya I was all gourmet even then;)

I still could go for a box of that stuff every now and again…but I would much rather have it made with love & wholesome ingredients!  Continue reading “Homemade Mac and Cheese” »

Rigatoni with Beets

Rigatoni with Beets and Stems

I was out in my backyard this morning when I noticed some of the beets were coming out from the ground, they looked small but if I didn’t pull them out I am sure something would get to it before I did…so I pulled out 3 bunches of beets!

I just love beets, when I was pregnant with my son one of my cravings was pickled beets!

The great thing with beets is that not only is the bulb edible but all of it is! The stems, leaves are edible and delicious! Its the perfect veggie that goes a long way….you can even use the liquid from the beets after boiling….haven’t decided yet what will become of that….I will keep you posted….stay tuned! Continue reading “Rigatoni with Beets” »

Veggie Lasagna

Veggie Lasagna

This is a delicious veggie lasagna! My hubby actually prefers it over the one with meat sauce! It is filled with flavour, and its best when the veggies are in season!
Continue reading “Veggie Lasagna” »



Another family favourite….lasagna! When I was a kid I would eat half of the pan of lasagna….I just loved it! Ask my Mom or Aunt Angela…they’ll tell ya! Probably could now too….but I won’t! My appetite isn’t as big as when I was younger! I once was a very active kid that blew the calories off like it was nothing! Ah the joys of being a kid! Wish I had that metabolism and energy now!  Continue reading “Lasagna” »



This is another favourite dish of my daughter Dina’s!  Continue reading “Cannelloni” »