Turlu -Vegetarian Stew

My first post of the new year! Turlu, basically it is the Balkan version of Ratatouille! I have other versions of turlu posted on the blog, they are all different recipes, this one is vegetarian and is such a delicious and comforting dish…especially in this cold  frigid weather!   Continue reading “Turlu” »

Steak and Cheese Sandwiches

steak sandwich

I am in love with this new multi grain bread I found, its made by Pita Break! My kids and hubby love all the different sandwiches I have been coming up with! This one that I am sharing with you today, is one that I made for lunch with my left over steak, it was delicious! Continue reading “Steak and Cheese Sandwiches” »

Speca Me Djath

Speca dhe djath

Piperka as I grew up calling it or speca means peppers in Albanian, djath means cheese in this case feta cheese! One of the first foods that I remember eating when I was a little girl was peppers and feta! My Grandfathers favourite! Especially when the peppers came from our garden. Today is April 12, 1912 my Grandfather Haxhi was born this day 100 years ago! He passed away 13 years ago this coming May and I miss him dearly!

I can’t keep the tears from falling as I write this out. Continue reading “Speca Me Djath” »

Veggie and Cheese Pide

Since the bread is already baked, all you have to do is leave them in the oven till the cheese melts and the edges get crusty

I love the combination of cheese and veggie in this pide! Its even better with roasted red peppers! You can make it with a variety of veggies, sometimes I add mushrooms and olives to the mix! Any veggie will do, the more the merrier! You can also make this with store bought flat bread, I get mine from a Middle Eastern Bakery, they work out perfect!  Continue reading “Veggie and Cheese Pide” »

Peppers and Egg on Bagel

peppers and feta


Albanians love their peppers and feta…oh and bread! I still remember every fall my grandparents stocking up on peppers and roasting them, and then freezing them for the winter. Continue reading “Peppers and Egg on Bagel” »

Potato with Grilled Pepper Salad

Potato salad

Mmm potato salad with grilled red peppers….so yummy:)
Continue reading “Potato with Grilled Pepper Salad” »

Red Pepper Omelette

Red pepper omelette with souguk

Red pepper and feta cheese omelettes are one of my favourite omelletes!  Continue reading “Red Pepper Omelette” »

Chicken with Red Peppers

Chicken Breast with Red Peppers

This dish is tasty, easy and fast to make! You can serve it with pasta such as orzo or rice!  Continue reading “Chicken with Red Peppers” »

Roasted Red Pepper Pizza

roasted red pepper


I  had some roasted  red peppers  Continue reading “Roasted Red Pepper Pizza” »

Stuffed Peppers – Speca të Mbushura

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers or Speca te mbushura in Albanian, are simple to make and tastes great! One of my families favourite meals. Continue reading “Stuffed Peppers – Speca të Mbushura” »