Revani – Semolina Cake

Lemony Revani

Out of all the traditional Albanian or Turkish desserts I have to say revani is my favourite! I guess you can say I go through my stages of favourites, but at this point its revani…I especially love when its moist and spongy! I have two other recipes posted on here, they are for the most part the same. This one has a lemony flavour to it where as the other I add coconut and I use organic corn meal. This one is made with semolina again the corn meal and semolina is interchangeable you may use either. Will share the links for the two other recipes below.  Continue reading “Revani – Semolina Cake” »

Revani with a Holiday Twist


I made revani with what I like to call a holiday twist! The addition of cocoa and pomegranates makes it look festive and pretty! You can garnish with ground pistachios as well, I just happened to forget too do it this time!;) Continue reading “Revani with a Holiday Twist” »



Revani, is an Albanian and Turkish cake. Its dry when baked, the syrup is what makes it moist and tender. I love this recipe, its not greasy like some revani that I have tried….it took me a few tries to come up with the perfect recipe! Continue reading “Revani” »