Pesto Rapini Potato Salad

Pesto Rapini & Potato Salad

Had my cousins over for dinner tonight and I made a delicious homemade spaghetti sauce (served with spaghetti of course)…was in need for a side dish, had some rapini but not enough to feed 2 families with! Needed to ‘bulk’ it up a bit! Since I was craving potato salad today, and was planning on making rapini…I came up with this delicious salad! I get this pesto sauce from an Italian delicatessen, its called ‘Berni’ Pesto al Basilico made in Italy and it tastes so good! Of course nothing beats homemade pesto, but I like to keep a jar of this stuff for an easy dinner or side dish starter!  Continue reading “Pesto Rapini Potato Salad” »

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Tomato and cucumber salad is one of my favourite salads! Its easy to make, and is good for you! My kids love this with fresh bread just like I did when I was a kid…dipping the bread in the juices is the best part! I like to add feta cheese to it as well sometimes. It makes for a great side dish or on its own for lunch.  Continue reading “Tomato and Cucumber Salad” »

Rubik’s Cube Salad

rubiks cube

Playing with my food again….I have been wanting to try the Rubik’s cube salad for a while now but I was intimidated as I am not good with chopping and cutting! I tried my best to make the cubes the same size and put it all together, I think I did ok for the first time. It is no where close to the perfect ones I have seen on the net…but for me its good!  Continue reading “Rubik’s Cube Salad” »

Ambrosia Salad

Ambrosia Salad

One of my favourite treats when I was a kid was my Aunt Angela’s marshmallow or ambrosia salad! I just loved it, still do till today! I came across a similar salad ambrosia-or-five-cup-salad by deelicioussweets  which I tried out today as well and loved it!

Can’t decide which I like better, one has a nostalgic taste to it and the other a new fresh twist! After comparing the two I combined them in one big bowl! Ya I am one happy girl;) Continue reading “Ambrosia Salad” »

Mediterranean Salad


My son’s favourite food is salad! He could live off of it, I could too…if I had some bread with it! Salad is a easy and tasty way to get your serving of veggies in your diet! My son doesn’t like tomatoes in salad, so sometimes I add it and sometimes I don’t.  Continue reading “Mediterranean Salad” »

Beet & Yogurt Dip -Pancar Salatasi

Beet & Yogurt Dip

Pancar salatasi means beet salad or dip in Turkish, it’s like tzatziki made with beets instead of cucumbers! I found these lovely candy & golden beets at the grocery store, so I made 3 different dips! They’re all naturally gorgeous in colour! You can make it with different colour beets for a pretty presentation or just make it with one, all are perfectly wonderful!  Continue reading “Beet & Yogurt Dip -Pancar Salatasi” »

Salad with Bulgur

Bulgur Salad

My son loves salad and bulgur, so when I have extra bulgur left I like to add it to the salad! It makes for a great lunch or snack food!

I bought this mix of quinoa with bulgar and tried it with it, it was great! First time trying quinoa and it won’t be my last!

Continue reading “Salad with Bulgur” »

Fruit Salad

watermelon basket (2)

Fruit salad is a favourite in our house! If I have the time I like to make it special, by making the watermelon into a basket! You can make it simple or fancy! Its a nice gift as well if your invited over for a summer dinner with friends or if your having guests over, what a way to impress them! Its actually easy to make and doesn’t take much time either. Make sure to have a small sharp knife to be able to cut through the watermelon. Continue reading “Fruit Salad” »

Potato with Grilled Pepper Salad

Potato salad

Mmm potato salad with grilled red peppers….so yummy:)
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Salad with Feta Cheese – Grandpa’s Salata


This is my Grandfathers (gjyshi in Albanian) way of making salad, when ever I make it I get transported back to that big old house, sitting at the huge cherry wood dining table with that patterned vinyl table cloth in the dining room with my grandparents. In the summer he would use the veggies from the garden except for the lettuce as he never grew them in the garden. It was always so good, the oregano and feta makes this salad extra special! My grandfather loved oregano, used it in a lot of his recipes.  Continue reading “Salad with Feta Cheese – Grandpa’s Salata” »