Spinach and Orzo

Spinach and Orzo

Gjellë pronounced gel, means dish or food and then you list whats in it, so this would be gjellë me spinaq dhe klitharaq literally translates into dish with spinach and orzo . In Albanian cuisine we make a variety of different pot foods, everyone makes their own kind of food using a variety of ingredients.

You may have seen my spinach-and-rice  post, this is similar but this is with orzo. My mom and grandma always make spinach and rice with veal or beef, I am not a big fan of that, I prefer it without meat or with a little ground beef for lezet, which means flavour, or taste…it can have a variety of meanings depending on how you use it. Continue reading “Spinach and Orzo” »

Spinach Burek with Gjize

Spinach burek with gjize

This has got to be the best tasting burek I ever had! Homemade gjize makes such a big difference! Tastes just like my Grandfathers burek! I never knew how to make homemade gjize, I knew how to make labne its pretty close except for 1 step which I will explain in the recipe. A friend of mine who makes homemade lakror with gjize taught me how to make it, so glad she did…thank you Voltisa!

The texture for gjize is like ricotta, but the taste is sour as its made from yogurt! You can add salt to it if you like at the end of cooking or leave as is and flavour later. Continue reading “Spinach Burek with Gjize” »

Spinach and Eggs

Eggs and Spinach


Spinach and eggs makes a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner! My mother in law makes this and I liked it from the first time I tried it! Its a Turkish dish that I like to make for an easy meal that is nutritious and delicious. I had some souguk so I added some to it for added flavour and texture, I normally just make it with out, both ways are delcious!

I made it in a cast iron pan which makes it even more flavourful, and beneficial. Continue reading “Spinach and Eggs” »

Lentil and Spinach Soup

lentil spinach soup


Lentil  soup or mercimek corba in Turkish is a very common soup in the Mediterranean. I grew up on the brown lentil soup, but when I got married I was introduced to the orange lentils. I learned how to make orange lentil soup from my husbands Aunt, I picked up the addition of adding spinach from my dear friend Hatice! She adds butter to her soup at the end of cooking, which does make it taste so good, but if you want to save on calories then just make as is in the recipe.

I have another lentil soup recipe on here as well under the soup category, both are very delicious soups.

Continue reading “Lentil and Spinach Soup” »

Mini Spinach Burek

Mini spinach burek...perfect appetizer for the holiday's or any day:)

We love our bureks! I surprised my family with these lovely little ones this past weekend! They are great appetizer, or side! Continue reading “Mini Spinach Burek” »

Pasta with Spinach

Shell pasta with spinach

This is a simple and fast dish perfect for lunch or a side dish for dinner.

My grandmother and mom always make this, either with zucchini or spinach, I personally prefer with zucchini but I had spinach in the fridge today, so I thought I would finish it off.

You can make it with any pasta you have, I happen to have shells so that’s what I used today. Continue reading “Pasta with Spinach” »

Spinach Burek

Spinach burek, I cut them into diamonds, you can cut them into squares if you like

Spinach burek is probably the most popular burek in the Balkans! Its my personal favourite!  Continue reading “Spinach Burek” »

Swirled Spinach Burek

spinach burek

Swirled spinach burek or Kol Burek, makes for a pretty presentation…and its easy to make! My mom always made swirled burek, most times it was individual swirls, which are fun to make as well! Bureks are very popular around the Balkans, and is known as either burek, borek or spanakopita in Greek.  Continue reading “Swirled Spinach Burek” »

Spinach Pies

spinach pies

Spinach pies are a great snack or lunch idea…my kids love them, especially when I add cheese to them:) Continue reading “Spinach Pies” »

Spinach Cake

spinach cake

This is a Turkish cake Ispanakli Kek (Spinach Cake) that I came across a few years ago.  You cannot tell its spinach, so don’t tell your guest or kids your secret ingredient until after they ate it…they will be amazed! Sometimes, the green is a richer and darker colour and sometimes its lighter, it does not affect the taste of the cake, its just the type of spinach I guess.  Continue reading “Spinach Cake” »